Get a Website That Represents Your Personality and Goals

The first step to ranking high in search results is having a well-designed website! WordPress is an ideal platform for individuals and businesses who need a simple way to get online and want excellent SEO capabilities. Take me, for example! My website is powered by WordPress, to give you an idea of the level of quality you can expect.

While I’m no HTML web designer, I can handle the entire creation, layout and organization of your WordPress site no matter what industry you’re in. Some people who can benefit from my WordPress services include:

  • Freelancers
  • Small business owners
  • Students
  • Artists, musicians and performers
  • Public figures and celebrities
  • Other professionals

WordPress Services


The design of your site has a huge impact on the way users will feel about you or your company. To choose a design template, we’ll discuss factors such as your personality, goals, mission, preferences and more.

In general, we can approach your WordPress project in one of two ways:

  • Start from scratch: Don’t have a website yet? No problem! We can start from scratch to design you the perfect site for your personal or business needs. Even if you do have a website already, sometimes it’s better to start from scratch if your goals have changed significantly since you made your current site.
  • Update an existing site: If you have an existing site — whether it’s in WordPress or another platform — I can transfer the data into your new WordPress site, then update it from there!

SEO Strategy

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just have a website anymore — you also need to optimize it in order for people to be able to find it. When you add SEO Strategy to your WordPress site, I’ll optimize your WordPress site for Google and other search engines. This includes but is not limited to adjusting your site’s:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Readability scores
  • Load times
  • Image alt text
  • Keyword research and insertions
  • User-friendliness
  • And more

Adding SEO Strategy to your site is highly recommended, as it ensures your site will get the most exposure. Additionally, I would recommend purchasing an SEO Strategy update for your site every year, whether I designed your website or not!


To make sure your website is always up to date, add my Management services. You’ll pay a flat monthly rate that covers any small edits of 30 minutes or less, and an hourly rate for any larger additions and revisions.

WordPress Process

  1. Fill out my contact form, and be sure to include a link to your website if you have one.
  2. Once I receive your request, I’ll reply to your message with a Copywriting Questionnaire for you to complete. This helps me get to know your business and accurately represent your brand in my writing!
  3. After reviewing your site and questionnaire, I’ll reach out to set up a phone call or video chat, where we will discuss your goals. If you’re in the LA area, I’d love to meet in person!
  4. Whether in person or via a screen-share, we’ll meet to choose a template together for your WordPress site. We’ll also get your domain name set up if you don’t already have one.
  5. write all the copy!
  6. We’ll have a follow-up call to discuss your level of satisfaction with the copy. If needed, I’ll complete any revisions within five to seven days.
  7. I’ll add the approved copy and any photos, videos and graphics to your website.
  8. I’ll share the completed site with you, and make any requested revisions.