Develop Your Internal and External Public Relations

Newsletters are practical, familiar and fun methods of distributing information to a specific group. Whether you’re interested in starting an internal or external newsletter, it’s an excellent way to connect with both your staff, your clients and your customers.

Internal Newsletters

Internal newsletters focus on communicating with your employees. You might include newsletter stories such as department features, employee spotlights, upcoming company events, leadership changes, training opportunities and more. Depending on your office environment, we could even include fun games and quizzes that encourage your staff to interact with each issue.

The best part about the content of internal newsletters is that it’s completely up to you! Whatever is relevant around the office at a certain time, and whatever information you know your staff is always wondering about or looking for can be included. For this reason, every company’s internal newsletter content plan is unique.

External Newsletters

External newsletters, on the other hand, are targeted at your customers or clients. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re trying to sell something. In fact, that’s not what you’re doing at all.

While they may feature a few new products or services, external newsletters should be focused on letting your customers and clients get to know your company on the inside. Some of the content may include staff features, a photo office tour, tips on better ways to use your products and more.

Newsletter Services

Newsletter Copy

A standard newsletter will include 1-2 feature stories, as well as a few other “blurbs” or announcements as needed. A typical distribution timeline is quarterly, but we can adjust that to more or less as needed.

Email Newsletter

I will compile your newsletter into an HTML email using Mailchimp, then distribute it to your company or customers. I’ll also collect and present data on how many people open and interact with the newsletter following distribution.

Print Layout Design

I never claimed to be a graphic designer, did I? Of course, this is a critical part of your newsletter. If you choose to distribute a printed version of your newsletter, I’ll partner with a designer to get you a layout that represents your brand. The designer will determine their rate.

Newsletter Process

  1. Fill out my contact form, and be sure to include a link to your website. If you already know, feel free to indicate whether you’re interested in an internal or external newsletter.
  2. Once I receive your request, I’ll reply to your message with a Copywriting Questionnaire for you to complete. This helps me get to know your business and accurately represent your brand in my writing!
  3. After reviewing your site and questionnaire, I’ll reach out to set up a 30-minute phone call or video chat to discuss your goals for your newsletter. If you’re in the LA area, I’d love to meet up in person!
  4. I’ll conduct industry research, then develop an action plan and suggest a Newsletter strategy that would be best for you.
  5. We’ll work together to decide on the types of content to include in your newsletters. Once we’ve decided on a content outline, you’ll receive your first round of copy within four to six weeks, depending on length and topic requirements.
  6. We’ll have a follow-up call to discuss your level of satisfaction with the copy. If needed, I’ll complete any revisions within five to seven days.
  7. You receive your completed copy, ready to go into your newsletter!
  8. If you choose to add my email newsletter service, we’ll also discuss details such as distribution timelines, your preferred design elements and more.
  9. If you choose to distribute a print copy of your newsletter, I’ll put you in touch with a graphic designer, who will then have their own design process and rates.