Blog Posts

Engage With Your Audience and Showcase Your Expertise

Your website’s blog is where you connect with your customers and clients. It’s where you show off all that industry knowledge. It’s where you express to your readers that you’re more than just a business, and that you care about more than just making a quick buck.

If you already have a blog, is it working for you? Are you inserting the right keywords to optimize your posts? Are you considering user intent as you write each article?

The key to effective blog posts is to find a balance between writing useful content for HUMANS 
and SEO-friendly content for GOOGLE. Let me handle it for you.

Blog Post Services

Level 1

Includes two ~500-word SEO blog posts per month — one every other week

Level 2 (Recommended)

Includes four ~500-word SEO blog posts per month — one per week

Level 3

Includes eight ~500-word SEO blog posts per month — two per week

Blog Management

You can add blog management to any package, which includes:

  • Uploading blogs to your website
  • Formatting and adding photos to blog posts
  • Optimizing meta tags and other SEO tools

Blog Post Process

  1. Fill out my contact form, and be sure to include a link to your website. If you already know which level you’re interested in, feel free to mention it in your message!
  2. Once I receive your request, I’ll reply to your message with a Copywriting Questionnaire for you to complete. This helps me get to know your business and accurately represent your brand in my writing.
  3. After reviewing your site and questionnaire, I’ll reach out to you within three days to set up a 30-minute phone call or video chat to discuss your goals for your blog. If you’re in the LA area, I’d love to meet up in person!
  4. I’ll conduct industry research and deliver two to three months worth of topic ideas.
  5. After your approval, I’ll deliver your first month of posts.
  6. We’ll have a follow-up call to discuss your level of satisfaction with the copy. If needed, I’ll complete any revisions within five to seven days.
  7. You receive your completed copy, ready to go onto your blog!
  8. If you choose to add Blog Management, we’ll start discussing details like when to post, photos, SEO strategy and more!